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Overview of Submissions Received

The Climate Change Authority reviewed the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting legislation in 2018. This legislation underpins:

  • the mandatory reporting by companies of emissions and energy data to the Australian Government; and

  • the safeguard mechanism, which places emissions limits on large emitters.

We published a consultation paper on 31 July 2018.

We consulted widely to inform our understanding of which aspects of the legislation are working well and where there are opportunities for improvement.

We received 40 submissions on our consultation paper and met with over 100 individuals from more than 80 organisations. We thank those who have taken the time to share their expertise and knowledge with us.

We met with and received submissions from:

  • companies across a range of sectors that have obligations under the reporting scheme and safeguard,

  • service providers that assist companies in meeting their obligations,

  • individuals and groups that use the data reported, and

  • the government bodies that administer the legislation or use the data reported.


The groups of stakeholders consulted were service providers, reporters and safeguard entities, non-government data users and Government. Service providers include auditors and legal practitioners. Reporters and safeguard entities include those from the electricity; mining, oil and gas; agriculture; manufacturing; retail; transport; waste and services sectors. Non-government data users include consultants, the financial sector, and universities and research agencies. Government entities include federal, state and local government bodies.

The Authority publisehd its report in December 2018. It is based on the Authority’s own research and analysis and informed by the extensive consultation the Authority has undertaken as well as the submissions received.

We have put together an overview of the information gathered through consultations and submissions.

Please note the overview is intended to reflect the feedback we have received. It does not reflect the views of the Authority but rather the different views of stakeholders.

Summary of submissions (PDF – 264 Kb) | (Word – 149 Kb)


Industry Service providers Data users
Agriculture & agricultural services Electricity Manufacturing Mining, oil & gas Services Waste    
Australian Pork AGL Australian Aluminium Council Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association NAB National Waste and Recycling Industry Council Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand UNSW Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets
Australian Sugar Milling Council ERM Power Cement Industry Foundation Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia UnitingCare Queensland   Greenbase Carbon Market Institute
  Hydro Tasmania   Chevron Australia     Law Society New South Wales Young Lawyers Tim Kelly
  Origin Energy   ConocoPhillips       ClimateWorks Australia
  Energy Queensland   Rio Tinto        
      Woodside Energy        
Australian Industry Greenhouse Network    Sustainable Business Australia